Welcome to DistanceLab e-environment

This e-environment is an Internet interface for the remote and virtual experiments. Remote experiments can be accessed by DistanceLab module which gives an unified access for the real devices located in different institutions.


The DistanceLab is an interface to access different (e.g. mobile robots, smart greenhouse, 3D printer) remote labs. A remote lab (or online lab) enables actors (such as students or employees) to carry out experiments over the Internet. The remote lab environment portal offers a complete remote lab management and programming environment for labs - either distance labs or virtual labs. You can try it online! Ask the username and password from project coordinator.


The Robotic HomeLab kit is a set of interconnected modules and arrangements. Main module is a microcontroller with motherboard supplemented with voltage measurement devices and handy box. The kit has User Interface and Combo modules for different subject training purpose like actuators, sensors and communication. All together the Robotic HomeLab kit is a mobile ready for use a small test bench, which can be connected to the PC and operated in home or working place. More information about Robotic HomeLab, please access to Network of Excellence - User Community webpage: http://home.roboticlab.eu

Learning Situation

A learning situation is an approach aims to support independent learning and presents a problem as a whole. Knowledge and skills are provided through practical activities and result-centred learning, not just as a declarative presentation. The learning situation's structure makes it easy to use in various schools (vocational schools, universities, secondary schools) as well as by preparers of various projects or just enthusiasts. Most of the presented learning situations are connected with Remote Labs and uses HomeLab kit as hardware.

More information about the web page, accessing to online programming, etc. contact with the site-manager and project coordinator:

Raivo Sell, Ph.D



Sven Seiler, Ph.D



Development of certain Remote Lab Center is supported by EU Life Long Learning program.

Mathematical models and remote access algorithm development is also supported by ETF Grant No. 8652

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