Sorting system Evalution

Answering the following questions, you can test your knowledge on the subject

What kind of sorting systems you can find in industry?
Choose the correct answers

Pop-up sorters
Vertical sorters
Pusher sorters 
Wiping sorters

How RFID-tags work?
Choose the correct answer

RFID-tags work by transmitting signal to power on                    and reflect energy back to reader
RFID-tags work by giving power to wifi signal
RFID-tags work by using radio signals to transmit                        data to RFID reader
RFID tags use antenna to transmit data

How you can create delays for the pneumatic cylinder actions?
Choose the correct answers

By using time delay valve
By using air timers
By using air bump
By using speed control mufflers

Why you have to make delays for the pneumatic cylinder actions?
Choose the correct answer

To make pneumatic cylinders faster
To slow down the pneumatic cylinders
To use pneumatic cylinders action in the right time
To apply other valves and bumps to the pneumatic cylinder

How you can count the number of products sorted by the system?
Choose the correct answers

By heat sensors
By using camera
By humidity sensors
By using proximity/distance sensors