Conveyor Evaluation

Answering the following questions, you can test your knowledge on the subject

What must be set for a timer function?
Choose the correct answers

Set as input
The time
Controlled motor or cylinder output
Timer function’s name

Which ones are the right ways to program conveyer motors?
Choose the correct answers

Can be controlled by putting the engine output bit is on
Can be left on all the time
Good programming practice, the sensor input information is controlled by a direct output
Good programming practice used by the auxiliary memory

What are the best practices to program push cylinder?
Choose the correct answers

The cylinder output to be active as long as the working stroke continues
A good programming practice calls for the use timer function
Good programming practice calls for the use the auxiliary function
Operating speed can be changed programmatically

The signal light beacon
Choose the correct answers

A good programming practice, the same output can be activated in several network-bloc
Good programming practice, according to the interference data reset timer command.
Good programming practice may be used according to the indicator set-off reset button
The signal light beacon signal from the color lights can be set programmatically