Exercises for Sorting system

Main task is to write a PLC Program for the Sorting System and test it with a simulation tools.

The Sorting System will sort pallets coming to the conveyor line in 3 categories (roll conveyors). The sorting data is written on a RFID-tag of the boxes (every box have a tag of its own). RFID-readers LP1 (I1.1), LP2 (I1.2) and LP3 (I1.3) read the sorting information from the tag. If the information is correct, the readers set the input of the PLC on.

  1. The conveyor M1 (Q1.3) starts by pressing the Start-Button (I0.0) after 3 seconds delay. The Start-Button also activates automatic mode. The system will be stopped with the Stop-Button (I0.1).

  2. The conveyor moves the pallets by the RFID-readers and the readers collect the sorting data of the pallets.

  3. The Pneumatic Cylinders Y1 (Q1.0), Y2 (Q1.1) and Y3(Q1.2) push the pallets on the roll conveyors if the sorting data in pallets (RFID tags) matches with the reader data.

  4. If the pallets reach the sensor S2 (I1.4) at the end of the conveyor line, the red signal lamp H2 (Q0.1) should start to blink once a second as an alert. Also warning horn/buzzer H3 (Q0.2) should be on and automatic mode off.

  5. When automatic mode is ON the green signal lamp H1 (Q0.0) should be ON as well. The next pallet should be ordered with output Q1.4.