Smart Greenhouse in Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

Location: Võru, Estonia

An actually working greenhouse of diminished size is produced in this remote lab and automatics developed for adjusting its temperature as well as air and soil humidity using the Robotic HomeLab microcontroller. A database and web server is run on a small-size computer Raspberry Pi running a Linux operation system and a smart greenhouse control database system created that records control values and sensor readings. The transmission of data from the greenhouse to the server is achieved via a wireless computer network. A simplified website is created for controlling the greenhouse, changing control parameters and viewing graphs.

The mini-greenhouse is not meant expressly for plant cultivation but rather for practicing and learning the development of control automatics for the greenhouse. Later, the results can be applied to developing the control automatics of an actual greenhouse. The mini-greenhouse made for the remote lab measures 0.7 m × 0.7 m × 0.7 m, volume 0.35 m3.

Devices in this lab:
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